Myanmar is a leading producer of beans and pulses, and exports these to 52 countries. It retains its position as one of the world's top five producers of bean and pulses, which include Canada, India, Aus- tralia and Tanzania. Agricultural exports are important for Myanmar's economy and can prove to be one of the high growth areas due to the country's locational advantage,favorable climatic conditions and fertile soil.
Myanmar's beans and pulses have acquired a good reputation internationally and they have a ready market in countries like India, UAE, Thailand, Bangladesh and Japan, and 49 other countries. The three quality grades of beans include First Quality (FQ), Special Quality (SQ) and Fair Average Quality (FAQ), with the bigger markets for FQ being Korea, Japan and China, and India importing substantial quantities of each grade.
Green Mung Bean
Black Matpe
Black Sesame Seeds
Niger Seeds
Black Eyed Bean
Brown Eyed Bean
Butter Bean

Yellow Bamboo Bean
Red Bamboo Bean

Red Kidney Bean
Brown Bean
White Chick Pea

Yellow Maize

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